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Fabric Reinforced

Fabric-reinforced acrylic roof restoration coating completely revitalizes your roof’s performance and drastically increases its longevity.


Fabric Reinforced

At Seamless Roofs LLC we can apply a Fabric-reinforced roof restoration which combines liquid membrane coating with reinforced fabric for added strength without adding excessive weight.

Fabric Reinforced Systems


What is Fabric-Reinforced

The membrane coating creates a seamless, waterproof protective barrier that keeps your building safe from the elements. Your roof will be protected from hail, wind, and fabric-reinforced coatings are fire-rated, as well.


This type of restoration method boasts added strength thanks to the reinforced fabric tension. For flat, smooth roofs, a fabric-reinforced roofing restoration system provides heavy-duty durability and decreases your building’s expansion and contraction.

This roofing system protects your building from roof leaks, strengthens your roof’s durability, and the unique white coat drastically decreases your cooling costs during hot months.

Heating and Cooling

The reflective nature of this barrier will keep your roof safe from heat stress and your energy costs low. That means your building will stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. You will spend less money heating and cooling your building.

Load Capacity

The fabric-reinforced system combines a liquid coating with reinforced fabric and has little impact on the roof’s weight.


Fabric-reinforced roof systems are backed by a warranty of up to 20 years. As with other roof restorations, this can be expensed as a repair or maintenance cost in most cases. A full roof replacement, on the other hand, cannot.

This particular coating is available for both existing roofs and new construction.

Steps in the Fabric-Reinforced Process

Apply cleaning acid to the existing roof. This acid removes film and dirt buildup from the membrane roof.


Thoroughly power wash the entire roof surface. Power washing clears away loose debris to prepare for application.

Apply primer to the roof. Primer creates a smooth, ideal surface to apply acrylics.

Create a full-fabric reinforcement. The entire roof’s surface will be reinforced with fabric embedded in a superior elastomeric acrylic coating.


Apply final topcoat over the entire roof surface at 1.9 gal./sq. in. The white topcoat seamlessly covers the entire roof area, reflecting heat away and protecting the roof from the elements.





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