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Membrane Restorations

A membrane roof restoration can improve your roof to better-than-new condition


Membrane restoration

At Seamless Roofs LLC we can apply a membrane roof restoration system that will promote energy savings and a waterproof surface,

Membrane Restoration


What is Membrane Restoration

The ideal membrane roof is watertight, but cracks and splits appear over time that require maintenance and repairs.

Membrane roofs like single-ply PVC, TPO, and EPDM are popular choices for commercial buildings. Don’t undergo an unnecessary and costly full roof replacement when a membrane roof restoration can improve your roof to better-than-new condition.


A membrane restoration coating is totally seamless, so you will not have to worry about water leaks in your building. Additionally, opting for a membrane coating is much more cost-effective than choosing to replace your entire roof.

Your restored roof will be resistant to dirt, debris, and discoloration, which will enhance its performance and increase its longevity. Additionally, membrane roof restoration allows you to avoid tear-offs indefinitely.

You won’t have to worry about diminishing building integrity from roof leaks or heat stress.

Heating and Cooling

The unique white roof bounces the sun’s heat away from your building, keeping your roof protected from ultraviolet damage.

This will, in turn, keep your energy costs lower when it comes to cooling your building throughout the summer.

Your restored roof will be waterproof, prolonging your building’s integrity. Also, the highly reflective topcoat will send most of the sun’s heat away from your building, improving energy costs and prolonging your roof’s lifespan.

A white membrane coating only requires annual cleanings to stay clean and effective.

Load Capacity

The membrane restoration system does not increase the weight of the roof.


Membrane restoration is backed by a warranty of up to 20 years. Additionally, you can typically expense a membrane roof restoration as a business repair or maintenance cost on your taxes, unlike a new roof.

Steps in the Membrane Restoration Process

Apply cleaning acid to the existing roof. This acid removes film and dirt buildup from the membrane roof.


Thoroughly power wash the entire roof surface. Power washing clears away loose debris to prepare for application.

Apply primer to the roof. Primer creates a smooth, ideal surface to apply acrylics.

Eliminate seams. Each seam is reinforced with a fabric-embedded coating.



Apply the final topcoat over the entire roof surface. The white topcoat seamlessly covers the entire roof area and reflects heat away from the building.




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